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What if GTA:SA is multiplayer too??

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I never underestimated R*'s coders' abilities; I dunno what gave you that impression. However this time around do I fear they may fart it out. If you read my post carefully, you musta noticed it's not their expertese I'm doubting, but their creativity reserve when it comes to working on the same piece of software for the third time around, not because they want to but because they must. They're bound by contract and they'll have to come up with something they can sell in the end. Now under those not quite ideal circumstances, how good a game do YOU think SA will be?

Lol @ 3rd year uni kids though. Avery Lee was probly well into his 500th VirtualDub build when he was in his 3rd uni year. Don't underestimate university kids' minds or creativity...

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I guess there are two ways that this can go- because a lot of the work has already been done twice before, you could argue that the game would be overwhelmingly good because a lot more of the development time can be dedicated to coming up with fresh ideas to keep the whole gta 3 concept worth continuing for a third time - although there is the unavoidable danger as Prokopis rightly stated that covering the same ground for a third time could stifle anything creative and intelligent out of the francise (take Terminator 3, Alien 3, Batman Forever, Matrix Revolutions as examples..). It's true that they probably have to do it more than they want to- preferring maybe to completely redesign the concept as they did between GTA2 and GTA3, but I'm pretty sure that GTA3:SA has been on the cards as long as GTA3:LC has (LC/SA/VC all being cities in GTA1) so they should have a fair idea of where they want to go with it already.

As for re-using the same engine over again, I wouldn't worry about it too much, the Renderware engine gets updated all the time (as with most decent engines, it keeps on top of new developments) just take the transition between GTA3:LC to GTA3:VC for example (yes I know they didnt bother too much with LC, just doing a straight port from the PS2, but the argument still stands) we should still expect great things. If nothing else, the work that all the Modders have done (with an incredible explosion of gta modding during vice citys lifecycle) should provide some perhaps much needed inspiration to Rockstar of what they should be thinking about.

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#1 Timeline GTA3 Oct 2001, GTA: VC Oct 2002, GTA : SA Oct 2004

That's an extra year of development, who's to say mutliplayer isn't coded?

Yes, if it is they will release an SDK making future projects, such as for exmaple porting VC and LC's maps to the SA engine immensly easier.

#2 Manhunt use's GTA:VC's engine as a core

#3 Manhunt features swing door hinges & context sensitive lockon's

#4 Real time stealth kills could easily be added to SA

#5 With an SDK through map loading the concept of GTA WO is very possible

In closing an SDK would make the concept of all three cities linking in the newest engine developed by the MTA team in the future a very real and extremely exciting prospect

I just hope R* doesn't beat the mod community to the punch with their own massively multiplayer online GTA world. I know if they did i'd play it, new missions monthly new car downloads, offcial engine updates. = ) we can all dream can't we?

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Would it be illegal for Rockstar to "steal" their work, thus far

I dont think it would be illegal if they did, mainly because they have used some of "R*'s" work with theirs. When i says R*'s work i mean the multiplayer they was creating but gave up and left the code still on the game.

Best Signature ever!!! nice job


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