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Command for entering vehicles as passengers.

Guest elheber

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Home, V, nor any other key will make me enter a vehicle as a passenger. I entered into the config.cfg to see if the command was there so i could bind it myself but it's not. I've tried looking everywhere for the command or a way to set a key for it.

I run an unmodified GTA:VC on an XP and i reconfigured the controls in the menu. Nothing is bound to Home. On MTA:VC, the controls are exactly the same except for two things: my right mouse doesn't just exit a vehicle, but it also executes the handbrake for some reason; also, logicly my right mouse button doesn't show the car-radar. Now this doesn't bother me but i mention it just in case it has anything to do with Home not being bound to entering as passenger.

Any help would be nice.

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I found the controls for them...

C which is my camera button is now the Enter as Passenger when on foot.

E which is my target button is now my Car-Radar.

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