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My MTA looks fuzzy



Nothing to show, my MTA just looks fuzzy. I was going to play MTA after playing GTA V. When I launched MTA, I've seen the server browser more dark and fuzzy. Thought it was a browser problem. I entered to a server and still looks fuzzy. It's kinda annoying to play with a blurred vision. Please, help me. Thanks.

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You're probably running on a low resolution. Start MTA, go to Settings, go to the Video tab and choose the highest resolution (larger number) available (also x 32, not x 16!).

If It lags too much, try first setting the FX quality to Low, and disabling Volumetric Shadows if they are activated.

If it's still laggy, then slowly reduce the resolution so that you can find a balance between "fuziness" and overall game response (FPS - Frames Per Second).

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I experience this due to a combination of 16 bit and 800x600 resolution or lower, but this can happen for other reasons. What is your graphical setup? (BTW, if your video quality is 480p, this may be why! I find this to be the fuzziest resolution on virtually ANYTHING i am watching or gaming on...YouTube in particular.)

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