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1-Open mtaserver.conf with the notepad ( file is located in mta direcotry)

2-Read the lines . and were it sayis "server name" edit it . its preaty easy once you started

3-save it .

4-Run MTAServer.exe (MTA Directory)

--Server is all set . Now if you want to play on your own server :

5 -Open client

6- type your ip were it asks (http://www.myip.com)

7- Enter password ( if you selected it on the conf file ) then press connect

Also . in the conf file - 1 means YES , 0 Means NO

P.S : I though someone had already made a server tutorial . But im too lazy to look it up in the search :wink: . Hope this helps . and if someone can , post the url of the tutorial here .

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