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In-game chat doesn't always get through..lost packets?

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Well, I've been having this problem lately in MTA in which not all of my chat messeges get through..as in they don't send and don't show up in the chat window.

About 55% of my messages do not get through. Here's my system specs:

WinXP Home

ATI All-In-Wonder VE (Radeon 7500) (primary)

& Intel integrated graphics (secondary)



Recent changes to my system include the dual-monitor set-up as well as the ATI card. It works well, and plays VC on the primary display.

Any suggestions?

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Haha this dont happen to me!!!!

with a ping of 500 :twisted:

What a n00b . YOu damn , the problem we're talking about is on the server not the client . lol . yeah if you get a ping off 700 on a server of 80 . of course your not going to "lose" the message you sent ...

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sounds like packet loss to me, the new core (not the next release, the one following (hopefully)) will have measures to alleviate this,

the only advice i can give you is to check your router settings and such, disable any other software that could be eating bandwith etc.

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