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Chat limits and coordinates

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Hi, I have wondered for a while how you use coordinates to create things like chat limits, and zones where certain commands work.

For example, a chat limit on a roleplay server where only people in a certain range can see the speech text, or the /me.

And also certain areas where commands will work. Like on some TDM servers you spawn and must be stood close to your spawnpoint (but not exactly on it) to do a command like /class and change your weapons.

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Do you mean doing X thing only if you are near to a position? You can use


And the events would be onColShapeHit and onColShapeLeave if it is server-side or for client-side, onClientColShapeHit and onClientColShapeLeave

So you would remove the command when you leave the Colshape and you would create it when you enter it.

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You could try looping through all the players.

Get the distance between you and them, and if it's inside your parameters it would outputChatBox to them (server-side)

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