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i hate the water

Guest daleyy

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The boats will not work even if you hack out the explosion code,

2 seperate issues... boats aren't cars...

there is something else we are researching, please dont' hack our software and we'll leave you alone as well

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i belive that the water feature is to make cars respaw . so that when you die on the water . the car will exploded and respaw . instead of just stay there ... Not sure. But kent is right , once you hit the water your dead.

the explosion just makes a quick death :)

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let the guys research, because it seems to be a lot more difficult to include boats than you think when i look at gtaT 0.5 beta. gtaT 0.5 also has massive problems with boats at this time. If explosion was disabled, no cars would respawn. :?

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Mars is a little close insnt it?....hmmm....maybe jupiter or sumtin..lol

The moon's actually quite closer if you didnt know.

But u would still need somekind of rocket proppelled vehicle to get up there in the first place.

Hey,thats it!Use a rocket,fly up high and jump out of it.

That should work i think. :wink:

Not sure though since there's no gravity and shit.

You'd probably suffocate to death before hitting the gr...shit before even entering the Earth's atmosphere anyway.

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