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assassins/random targets


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sorry almighty flamers if it already has been suggested

Well here it goes...

It's Very Simple.

Each time you join a game you'd recieve a pm message(script)

to kill a random person on the server.

Now,every time you kill your target you would recieve 2 or more extra points for it.But if you kill one of the other players...well you'd be punished for doing so.You'd lose points,weapons or health if possible.That's basically it.

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lol of course the script would have to do it.You don't actually expect an admin to constantly pm every user on the server. :P It basically would send you a pm message everytime you join a server running the mode,so that the rest of players do not know who your target actually is.It would pm you with something like this *kill TwwIX,a ruthless and deadly drug dealer(and part time chocolate candy bar :D ) and you'll be rewarded with 2 etc kill points.

It would also be nice if your reward points would increase after each kill.

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variation of the chaos-tag gamemode that was bought up ages ago

I reckon that your given the msg in private, then once you kill its said that you get those points etc to everyone

question is... does it come up every time you die or just when you join? - and does it last until you die or while your on the server?

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Bah no roundplay.That's one of the reasons why i never liked counter strike or any game with round based gameplay for that matter.Unless i am wrong,i dont think that it's possible to implement a round based system into vc anyway.

Chaos Tag mode?

Like i've said you'd recieve a message and only you'd be able to read it.

The other players should be allowed to read your score of course but not who you actually killed though.Something like "TwwIX has fulfilled his contract and will be rewarded with 2 points"

question is... does it come up every time you die or just when you join? - and does it last until you die or while your on the server?

I am not exactly sure what you mean.

The score would basically increase by two points everytime you kill a target.And it would only keep increasing until you die.


1st kill=2 points

2nd =4 points and so on.Is that what you wanted to know? :?

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Does the option of being an assasian come up

I mean do i only get the chance to be an assasin when i join, or does it change every kill/death?

once again. its really just a different spin on the other gamemode - but still warrants a discussion

With your one it seems you have the contract till you kill them. or are killed yourself

In the other idea, the targets randomly switch every X minutes making for some REAL interesting situations

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Yep everybody would have to be an assassin.

It's simple idea and like bump said it could be easily added to the mtama script in a future release.

I don't know about the switching targets.

They would probably get pissed off from hunting one target for several minutes and then all of a sudden they'd have to switch onto a another one.

Wouldn't be much different from manhunt.

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