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OMFG, i found the program. This dude named 'Andrex' just made this GTA ShoutCast Radio... It goes in the mp3 file thing and plays internet radio! All u gotta do is put the info u want in it, like the ip and stuff. If u wanta download it at, http://www.codenamevice.co.uk/includes/link.asp?action=download&ID=865.

And more info on this at http://www.codenamevice.co.uk/show_file.asp?ID=865.


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Accualy... i had another post and sumone said it was INPOSSIBLE, NOTHING IS INPOSSIBLE! He said u cant convert shoutcast to mp3... well think again sucka! I found another website for more info right at this url: http://www.divxland.org/gta/shoutcastradio/.

Also... Im asking for everyone to start posting RADIO Stations on this topic from now on... If u have trouble doing it... i cant help since i didnt create it :D, so go to the url above and ask/read there.

Now... I would also ask if anyone was intrested in EITHER changing a radio station to Grand Theft Auto Radio Station OR Sponsor #radio one in irc.MultiTheftAuto.com and we would be glad to have ur name all over the channel...(gotta have good conenction, XP and connection of Cable/DSL/T2/T3/T1/O3 (i would like O3 :D ). Must have cpu on 23/7. 1 hour for restarts so u dont start lagging and shit... Prefer 1-3am(central time) since we all sleeping.

Once we could possibly get a shoutcast server, i am looking for DJ's(must be 15 or older and have experience, and please we need at least 1 girl DJ for the guys) so come on in the channel.

After all of that... whoever is doing the radio station will be given a script for irc (its a shoutcast radio script so people can request songs and stuff) OR if the shoutcast dude doesnt want to ruin his shit, we will be looking for a guy who has his cpu up 23/7. Mostly u can have it down at like 1-3 AM(central time) if u wish since were all sleeping...

^^Wow that was a long post... :D

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