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Short Fast Stunt Video

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HI just getting into the stunting and seen alot of stunt videos so i wanted to give it ago.Its only a small stunt video i made on MTA i wouldent mind joining a stunt clan cuz i need help with editing and other stuff.

Feel free to have alook i know its not the best just sumthing i had to try :)

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/php/mo ... tunt_Video

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thxs people i dident have aclue how to use fraps or movie maker so my next one sould b alot better.

Does anyone know of any other good programes to use for putting a movie together cuz i would like to make a MTA movie with a story line but how do they get all them good angels like close up in cars and side veiws and stuff....if anyone could help.

Thanks for taking time and posting hope to b stunting alot more :)

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Mad Dude, you sure know how to handle those trees, nice jumps and stuff. You know, i hate trees, i know they give us oxygen and stuff, and maybe they even give a good look to the environment, but i don't give a fuck, they are ALWAYS in the way, everytime i'm on a bike or in a car or something i always crash into a tree, why a tree? I mean, is my name "treehugger"? No, i don't think so! but you know how to handle those trees :P keep up da good work and rock on ;)

(btw, pick another tune on the background next time...like uhm... 'too fast for love' by 'motley crue' ;) )

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Its kool for a first video.... :wink:

If you want, here are some things u can work on:

- Lag Issues (Perhaps it was when u were recording on fraps?)

- Bad Camera Angles (Lots of glitchy spots)

- Quality (Need I say more?)

- New Stunt Areas (A few grinds would be better as well)

... thats about it? Also, the lag issue thing, maybe its just ur pc.. I dunno. I just find it annoying.

Nice video anyways. :wink:

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