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Show Off Your Art - (Good or Bad) :)


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Here are some of my art projects:

My Avatar for MSN: :wink:


I made this for TGA: (Still unused) :oops:


Um.... I just made this for a funny convo I had:


A program layout/design I made for -SM Curly-:


Another thing I made when I was bored:


And for my last piece: (just made today) :)


Show me your work! 8)

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btw: el burro, i guess you had to ber there. read this thread for the background to my post: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=1545

Yeah, well... I know this stuff. I had several home made cartoons on my PC before it BSOD'ed in November last year. I wanted to start making cartoons by scanning images frame by frame, but its a painstakingly long task and it would proberly lose quality by putting it in WMM anyway, all my others did.

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