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My 3 ideas 1 completely detailed 2 kept short at the bottom!

Guest Onca

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here are 3 of my ideas for multiplayer GTA

First off I saw that TurfWars were already in the posts so read that post or get it completely here

the 3 Cities are on different servers each (not just 3 servers but EVERY server has only ONE city) (for the dumbasses this means : Staunton, Portland and Shoreside not Liberty city as a whole)


Choose Cops On/OFF

The different Gangs represented in the city are chosen

Weapons allowed in game are chosen.

Lives: unlimited/10 lives etc etc.


First of Players choose a city, this opens a page where he/she can choose from different servers supporting that city

Once you've chosen a server you can Choose which Gang you want to Join (availability is shown every gang has a max of 8 Joiners)

then you get to choose from certain skins for the respective gang.

Instead of choosing a gang you can also choose freelance. which only has 4 joiners

once this is done you spawn at the Base of your Gang (this is the standard spawning point for your character throughout the game.)

The Headquarters of your gang is basically a huge building with a penthouse Downstairs you have different vehicles.

example: a limo, 2 cars and an SUV. the cars respawn like in GTA3, or when destroyed. you decide

a level higher (where you spawn!) you have your gangs weapons depot. only the Pistol is free (your no good to the gang without firepower) but the other weapons are available at a reduced cost ( Freelancers have still have to buy it full price!) the top level is just for sniping during defense of your Headquarters from enemy assaults.

Now what is exactly the point of the game?

A Turf war! pressing a hotkey will show a map consisting of different colors (one for each Gang... freelancers don't have a turf) The City has several objects (flags alla battlefield) to capture in order to add the territory to your gangs turf.

Now the Gang it self is headed by an A.I. Boss and his 2.... 3 luitenants, As long as the boss is alive you can do jobs in order to Purchase weapons and do whatever you need money to do. (bombs etc.) the boss will stay most of the game in the penthouse guarded by 4 or more heavily armed guards. however occasionally the A.I. Triggers a boss to go to some place. (He wants to have a social life too ya know), this immediately sends a message to all players showing Which boss and where he's going ( club, beach whatever!) this is a perfect chance for enemies to take out the boss using an ambush (either at where he is, where he's going, when he's going back) of course he and his body guards aint stupid and are programmed to head for the penthouse ASAP when trouble brews.

Note: not all weapons such as sniper rifle/ RPG should be available! or if they are ... they shouldn't be easily obtained and shouldn't contain too much ammo! 5 max!!!

If in the sad event your Boss dies your Gang can nolonger take on jobs for 5-10 minutes during this time one of the luitentants will prepare himself to take the control of the family.

when all original luitenants have been liquidated your gang is disbanded and you Lose! once this happens you'll loose Honor/respect points and the 4 with the lowest Honor points are booted from the server, the remaining 4 become freelancers(probably out to avenge their Families death or something)

The Game ends when only ONE family still remains.

So what are the freelancers doing there? they're just basically there for fun Deathmatching and try to gain honor points and fatten their swiss bank accounts.

See you make an account in order to play the game. you start off with $0.00 and no honor and work yourself up. getting respect for the amount of money/honor you have.

Of course Death has a High toll on your Bank account (5-10%) not to mention the Weapons/armor/bombs

Killing your gang members deducts honor ( being the driver and getting the car blown up, sunk, or just shooting them) Honor is simply what people will look at to know if they can trust you enough when it really matters (not that he blows YOUR head off when your in a heated fire fight) Honor is displayed next to the total matches that character has played, example ( H:4 P: 4) you'd know that this guy only played 4 matches in total and has a pretty high honor (if highest is 100) for a rook. but if you see (H:4 P:34) you know he's a double crossing bastard and you try to stay as far away from him as you can. ( he might be sadistical and rig a bomb on one of your cars and park in in your HQ's garage he looses honor but gains cash for blowing up the car)

Honor is displayed in a ball hovering above all characters that are Non A.I. allies (like the arrow above Targets in Gta only alot smaller)

Honor points are also gained by accomplishing missions, killing Human players, killing Gang bosses, Defeating a Gang, winning the Game and maybe more you can think of.


A.I. Gang members are spawned in the territories you control. they'll patrol in cars and on foot. even when the turf is retaken they'll keep on patrolling till they're dead.

owning territories outside your initial turf causes money to flow in to all players on your gang the more turf the more money.

Cities are divided into 3 or 4 sections these are in turn divided into territories.

Cities contain 2 or 3 Gangs, every server might have different gangs in the same city.

These Gangs start in a section of the city controlling the territories aroun their HQ


For Freelancers there are Payphones in every section of the City where they can pick up jobs: Jobs probably have to do with harrassing the local Gangs. Killing their members/bosses planting bombs or small/simple missions similar to those in the single playergame the Missions will sometimes repeat themselves but with new areas/targets.

For the Gangmembers the phones are in the HQ and in Territories under your control. Mostly these phones will hint you on what to do (find a sniper rifle here, rigg a car with a bomb etc.

When you get a job, like dropping something off at Luigi's or something an enemy player might get a beeped message from his boss to intercept you, and he might bring back-up!


It'd be cool Hopping into cars with 3 of your friends packed with uzi's and Rush to the the enemy base for a drive by shooting perhaps followed by another car filled with mates.

or block off a road to the club and wait with a AK-47 in your hand together with your "brothers" on the enemy boss who'll be arriving shortly. see the whole point of this type of game is that you operate in groups.

And you have responsibilities, you have to make sure your GANG stays alive so protect your bosses. (maybe the limo has been rigged better get in there and blow yourself up in order to save the boss) You have to help your Partners take down the enemies.


Each team gets 4 tanks and hold a tank battle in some isolated area with large open areas and a few buildings.

If all of one teams tanks are destroyed they loose, RPG's available too!

spawns indefinite but with a wait out time (20 seconds or so)

THE GAME (as in the movie with Ice T)

there's a time limit and one guy gets chased DM style by several others until it runs out (5 - 10 minutes or something) nice cat and mouse game

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probably a while. depends how fast you can type.

as for the ideas...

random missions given by the AI would work, but people really just want to kill each other. as for respect, i don't think anything like that is possible in this mod.

As for an AI vip, having a player as vip would be better personally, as AI are sometimes a little stupid (not saying that there aren't stupider people out there =)

As for the other ideas, tanks ruin a game imo, someone that knows how to use a tank is pretty much invincible!

A 10 minute keep-away game would work as well, dont know how well, but its possible

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I'm very dedicated when it comes to doing things involving games :-)

I stay up for 21 hours during the weekends to make some movies and stuff for little games... this was relatively easy!

But i thought there was away to edit the Tanks Collision damage... as seeing people make differnt skins for cars i supposed you could take a securicar and exteranally turn it into a tank or something! guess i was wrong dumbass me yet... tanks DO get destroyed and even if it takes an HOUR . the DM-ing would still be fun!

Being the human Ai would be boring as all you do is try to hide as much as possible (besides thats more like in THE game) people of other gangs' only goal would be to kill you a number of Times.

You could just have the AI boss stand around on one place and when he gets attacked he just runs away (being panicked it could be expected that he runs toward you or jump INFRONT of yer car, your not in yer normal state of mind !!) Besides... if you find the AI boss you'll sure he'll die if there arent any human defenders around so having him do stupid things isn't too bad.

As for the the parts where he moves....

have him dissappear and spawn at that location and stand around THERE" whith his body guards as the message is send.

Either way I'm just glad you guys read this Good Job all even if your not using these ideas.

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Peeps don't just VIEW this idea.... Say: Damn this is stupid ... or.... Take this and this and this out! .....or... wouldnt it be better if..... Feed back is what the moderators need does this excite you or not?

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I think it's a _VERY_ difficult idea to implement in MTA, you would have to make complete custom maps with implemented gang bases etc.

That goes for the second idea too, maybe even more.

It would be totally awesome if it could be implemented, but for now it's certain that it's too difficult to implement. sadley.gif

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You know... you dont have to actually CODE any of these ideas .... you could just have a server where those RULES count (leaving honor status out) dont follow the rules and you get booted, and as for the tank battles.... a part of the city walled in would be enough for some meat grinding urban warfare battlefields.... heck you can have the entire lady liberty statue in the game but not a few walls?

shit ..... alzheimer kicking in again.... what was i talking about? oh yeah.. i'm going to MC Donalds!!! :P

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couldn't modders just take the criminal rating, that according to everything ive read does NOTHING, and figure out a way to send it to the server, and use that as the honor, but the problem is, you get criminal rating for killing anything i think, besides that great idea!

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