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Connection timed out :<

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Im so frustrated about this. I have been trying to find a solution for this for 2 days now. Nothing. I read alot of threads, and found out , that one step closer to fixing this is to pass you guys my log from Mtadiag :

Okay, all the steps i do

1 : I start the .exe file (obviously)

2 : I have to hold down control (CTRL) to actually prevent the game from crashing back to desktop <.< Weird bug.

3 : I get into the main screen.

4 : I go to Server Browser

5 : I look for a server i want to join.

6 : Click it.

7 : "Connecting to server [iP]"

8 : "Connection timed out"

9 : The end.

HALP! :(

*Note* I tried alot of servers, none worked.

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It could be a firewall issue maybe? You didn't decline your connection to MTA at all when installing?

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