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Hey, there's a large flow of cheaters on the Official servers. I'm just curious how many admins there are, how often they check in, etc.

These cheaters have gotten so used to it now they're even admitting they cheat or blatently showing it by using invincible cars, flying firetrucks, invincibility, etc.

It's been the same people for a week or more now... They've gotten so used to it they think it's actually a part of the game and that they're actually legitimatly 'owning' everyone. :?

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I've long abandoned the official servers unless i see familiar faces in them. the gang servers are still monitored actively, and an admin isnt too far from reach.

compared to the official servers where, basically i don't think they have resigned themselves to "the next release will solve this", and probably don't want to hand out the admin password to anyone willing to give thier time to admin it.

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There is almost always an admin available for the officials, every report of a cheater is looked into, the BIG problem is its very rare that anyone go's to the effort of reporting them, short of being ingame 24/7 the only ones i can pick off from admin are those that state they are in fact cheating, this is a minority obviously.

Overall cheating is rare in comparison to previous releases. Help us to remove those few who still can't grow up and play properly by TELLING US.

For those who dont know, the admins are on IRC, on server irc.multitheftauto.com, Report any problems there and they will be dealt with.

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the problem with reporting to an admin can be broken down into 3 things

1. is that they like to keep themselves unknown so cheaters dont look out for them with the exception of one. iv seen people go onto #mta and say "theres cheaters on this server" and it took them at least twenty minutes to a half an hour to get a response. and when they do get a response iv even seen some of them made fun of, they will call them n00bs etc without even asking how they know the person is cheating.

the admin that is on irc constantly is asleep during some prime hours u might call them. one is scouting one server only during the time he plays and is never on irc hardly, and the other is constantly on a non-official server. there is basically a lack of admins to put it short, and its showing.

2. every n00b out there screams cheat as soon as they get owned. hell even some experienced people are starting to do it now, the only people who can really watch for health cheats are the people who made this game/know what theyre doing. and half the people who are supposed to know what theyre doing never play anymore. so its an endless screaming of cheater if someone cant be killed.

3. the cheaters these days are figuring out how most people catch them. they will remove the things that used to be a sign, which is now leading some people to say that if they cant make your health go down within a couple of tries your definently cheating. nor do people understand glitches such as the reload glitch.

i personally have stopped playing on the officials as it has become a case where you guys have almost lost control over them. because to put it simply theres to few admins for the job, and it shows.

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i understand why you don't want too many admins for the official servers, trust can be easily broken. (the anonymous FEELING that people get when they are online makes them do things they normally wouldn't) but maybe a few volunteers wouldn't hurt.

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Adding more admin will only make the server monitored for the hour or two they play on it (if they do, people play on lots of servers), as i said before the big problem is people dont bother reporting the cheats in the proper place, all of the team can take action and do so when they are reported.

So in short dont complain about there being cheaters if you are not prepared to take 5 minutes to report them in the appropriate place so they can be dealt with. There are more than 2 admin already, their names are not broadcast and advertised mostly due to thier own request. They would like to be able to play on there without retribution for any admin actions.

Its simple, play on the officials and the few other servers in mta-servers all of which have admins you can actually get in contact with, or play on some anon server in ase and have no option to remove disruptive players at all.

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Well they have expanded the circle of trust (man that sounds gay)

I am a "trustee" for the #1 official where Utiopia plays and I a can kick or ban from IRC directly. When I am at the computer I am happy to help and others were planned on being set. I would prefer to have the pass thou since the echo was down the last few times I have tried it and I can't look at IPs and the bans don't seem to work well.

Once I got a guy who was cheating and he kept coming in and flooding after I booted him and I kept "banning" him. It got to the point were the server was better off if I hadn't called him on cheating.

The other issue that Deathb brings up is true. I am not just going to boot ppl based on the word of someone I don't know. The server would be empty in that case. Hell, a bunch of real experienced ppl in my own gang were convinced that another member of my gang was cheating while he used a fake name. I need to see these things for myself and I have gone in to check them.

I would boot someone based on what Utopia says and he can always get a hold of me.

I would suggest making Utopia an Admin he is experienced and responsible. We have a script that lets admins log into the admin from game andboot and ban from game. This would work well for you and him.

I don't know if you have this script yet MrBump but they just log in or out thru private messages and type @ban # or @kick #

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heya fellaz..... OK im just going to have to butt in here for a sec..

There is almost always an admin available for the officials, every report of a cheater is looked into, the BIG problem is its very rare that anyone go's to the effort of reporting them, short of being ingame 24/7 the only ones i can pick off from admin are those that state they are in fact cheating, this is a minority obviously.

Overall cheating is rare in comparison to previous releases. Help us to remove those few who still can't grow up and play properly by TELLING US.

OK now i do like u MrBump and the MTA team, nothing peronsal, but what u just mentioned in my quote is UTTER BULLSHIT... i dont mean to be rude but if thats what it takes then shall be it.....

Yes i also have been playing MTA since prety much few DAYS after release and i have spent most of my time in Official Servers, and yes there is cheaters galore.... dont get me wrong, since the release of 0.3, its went VERY quiet for a while, but now its BAD, not quite as bad as the good old days but WAY enough to have a cry about..

OK u say there are admins come into IRC IRC, thats a lie as i come to IRC a HEAP of times to complain about someone cheating and u all turn a blind eye, NO ONE even answers like theyre THAT busy coding or bla bla..

I try the SERVERS channel, then i try the official MTA channel, and i even always see u there Mrbump, but since u guys have a TANTREM when people pm u, i have no other choice but to ask in main channel which is where i get ignored until i type u lazy pricks or something, and only then do they reply with nothing but sad words....

Believe me everytime theres a cheater, and hes that bad, i stay in game and i minimise, off to IRC, so as u can see its not a great deal for us to join IRC, but the thing is its become close to useless.... its not a BIG problem, people DO go to the effort, not many but still a fair bit, i just wish i kept all my mIRC logs to show u maybe out of 15 times ive asked it worked twice, which is just as bad as none.....

This is the part that kills me.. even though u guys KNOW your losing a lot of players due to this "cheating freely" attitude some players come in with, and yet u dont take further action.. youve heard it before already i know, but u will not get a better solution than this at least for now.

make some TRUSTWORTHY players admins, or admin priveleges.... U obviously dont know me enough, as ive given up on the report to IRC channels strategy as its prety much useless, to make ME an admin, but surely players like ULK, KFC who ive never caught cheating etc would be trustworthy for such priveleges..... they are simply in the game or at least official servers, more than your whole MTA team put together, as its very rare im playing in official server, and see someone enter from the MTA team....

If u guys dont want to do none of that, then youll have to SIMPLY get online more often.

Like i said i wish i did have my mIRC logs to show u how nicely i asked, and how ridiculous the replies i get are.

your mod will surely die out which i and a lot of others would surely hate to see, if nothing is done in near future....

and by KFC or ULK i dont mean u gota give the whole clan admin powers, but to the ones who have played with most experience and can EASILY spot obvious cheaters, and stalk the others they think "might" be cheating until confirmed.

Im sorry for the nature of my reply, but i really burnt inside after reading that lying quote of yours Mrbump or at least your "mislead" quote.

WAY more can be done about this overboard cheating right now and not next version, but the only guys who are stopping that from happening is the MTA Team.

thanx all and dont u dare accuse me of exagerating, as i can positively asure u, out of 15 times i complained i got helped twice. now thats just not as good as u make it out to be.

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to quote type

[./quote] (with no .)and the text between. Also avoid super long posts or space it out becasue ppl don't read them.

I did thou. You are pissed because you are ignored when you report cheaters in a patient fashion and then you read how responsive they are.

You want some trusted responsible players to gain admin privledges. They are a step ahead of you on this.

I am a trustee in the MTA official so I can boot/ban ppl. It's done thru the Mirc scripts so you see my name when I do it so you know who it was that kicked you. They were planning on adding ppl and I am sure they will at some point.

You can also feel free to join us in the Party server (click the link) Every KFC member has admin as long as the script isn't timed out. If the admin is abused send me the log and I will address that.

But... I do take the time to read the official #1 chat and I even catch ppl talking about the cheats so I know they exist. There is also an ingame kick/ban script that is great and I hope they add that to the officials.

the problem is when you run more than one server some of those scripts bleed over.

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i have been playing on the 10 player official daily for the last 5 days or so. i play about 6-8 hours each day, and every cheater i have come across got their well deserved ban. and if they didnt it was because they left game before the admin came to take care of them. the 24 player official on the other hand, i dont go near that place.

my only complaint is that it takes a while for the good ol' boot to show up for most of the cheaters, and its only after they have ruined the gameplay that they get to see the MTA boot.

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lying post?

It seems you just wish to flame. I stand by what ive said, and having gone thru my substantial #mta logs i see one report of a cheat by yourself, which was looked into shortly afterwards.

In 0.1 there was extremely rudimentary anti-cheat measures, resulting in anything up to 50% of the players running some kind of cheat/hack. In 0.3 i see maybe two genuine cheats per day, thats in many many hours of both playing and monitoring between 6 and 8 servers. But, in 0.1 you'd get maybe one or 2 people crying 'CHEAT!', now 9 out of 10 cry it every single time they get killed. Why? Because of posts like yours, and sheep mentality (he cried cheat, there must be cheats, EVERYONE must be cheating, i died, he must be a smelly cheat)

You game is spoilt by cheats? Mineis spoilt by constant bitching and accusations and cries of 'cheater!'

Half the time iplay under a pseudonym, to avoid the constant 'whens 0.4 ready ?' badgering. I dont think i have EVER played for more than 30 mnutes without one or two people telling me im cheating.

Kungfu: You can already admin speak/kick/ban from ingame, I thought I'd explained the commands to you? (auth is auto with mine)

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Kungfu: You can already admin speak/kick/ban from ingame, I thought I'd explained the commands to you? (auth is auto with mine)
I am a trustee in the MTA official so I can boot/ban ppl. It's done thru the Mirc scripts so you see my name when I do it so you know who it was that kicked you.

You explained it well and I appreciate the trust. I use it as much as I can but sometimes I cannot !connect. Normally it is fine.

I was suggesting the new script where you login from in game.

/mgs login password and @kick # and @ban # from the chat without leaving the game.

I don't need this because I use a separate computer to admin so I am not really asking for me.

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I have the ingame working and I spent the weekend using fake names and hanging out in various official servers. I banned scores of cheaters I hope they stay away but if they come back they might see that new guy who is killing like he has been here before. When they throw on the cheat they will feel a boot up thier ass.

Thanks Mr.Bump

One guy got hit by me ran behind a wall and hit his health regen (Zof...something) He must not know that health shows thru walls... then I shot him and watching him regen health infront of me 5 times while he used his flamethrower on me.


Two cheaters were holding down the Cherry Popper. I let them kill me a bunch of times before I finally booted them. The ppl in the server seemed pleased. Oh and a few speedhacks like Bender and Brainiac to name a few.

If you are in a server and see a speedhack please hit F12 while they zip past that will pause the screen long enough for you to see the name. Plus, you can check your screenie to make sure. Then say it in the chat because you might not know if the admin is in your server or reading the echo or server log. Others might be just reading the echo and they can tell the admin too.

Incase you were around I was Baraka on saturday and JohnnyCage and Shang Tsung on sunday.

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lying post lol .... thats an interesting reply geeze...... im not a little kid and dont lie about anything i dont need to and believe me, i dont need to.

Find the post you are replying to and click quote that will make this thread readable. Don't make ppl turn back a page to see who you are talking to or about.


Say that you are talking to Mr.Bump because it looks like you are calling me a liar or said that I accused you of it.

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umm i know how to click quote but im not trying to impress anyone so really i dont care if others read it or not....

secondly whose asked if it was a lying post?? MrBump did so who am i referring to?? u clearly knew yet u had some spare time to type this...

plz dont bother me i made my facts period.

MrBump i wouldnt even dare come on as your name if i was u lol.

otherwise i can imagine what youde go thru. but just come anonymous another name whatever so they dont storm u with stupid questions and crys.

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well see YOU have to go back a page to see what im typing about, not me OR MrBump and i referred it to MrBump, in other words, he doesnt have to go back a page.. so why would i care if anyone else has to press back once, if i dont care for them to read that specific reply?

man some people dont know how to use their spare time, leave me alone plz, u butted in, now just butt out..

BTW im not Ass Whooped i tell ya!

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