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Unescapable Crash

Guest Tanuki

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1. Whenever I attempt to to play MTA:VC it gives me a problem about not being able to find mta_dll.dll or something. This is easily solved by clicking on reset game path, but why do I have to do this every time I play?! (and yes, I do restart the MTA:VC client window after I do this)

2. This is the real problem. Whenever I get into a game it freezes, with no way of getting out of it. Mashing every button doesn't help, nor every button combination. Therefore I'm forced to hit the reset button. All my drivers are up to date, I have the latest version of MTA:VC, I've patched Vice City to v1.1, I'm running Windows 2000, I can run all the latest games on 1600x1200 with settings set to high with no trouble, and I have no problems with any other online game (apart from when I interrupt server browser refreshes and it kills my internet connection).

What The hell's going on?!

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If you can go past the character selection part, start to play normally and then it freezes, it's just a case of something gone wrong with the hacking MTA does to VC and it happens to everyone frequently; just press space once or twice to get rid of the Dr. Watson and windows error windows that lie "behind" VC. Then you'll be back at your desktop and you can hit start game in your still running MTA client. Usually you can tell if that is the case from a system sound played when the error occurs.

If it freezes before and you can never make it into the game, then you got another kind of problem, in which case you should make sure you've selected the right version (1.0 or 1.1) before firing up VC from the client as suggested and that you're not trying to play MTA in win98, cause it's not working right with that OS. If that didn't help, plz describe in more detail what your problem is.

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Had the same problem.

Don't read this next part until you read that topic or you aren't going to understand:

My final advice would be to try what that says, reinstall, uninstall, set the mta doc to read only for awhile, then take it back off... see if that does it.


As for getting out of the crashes: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... ght=button

good luck ;)

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