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Weapon Slots Keyboard Shortcuts


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Well I've made this mod (on request) that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. keys 1-9) to choose weapons:


You can download it from:

http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=70 (10.5 KB)

You might get weird effects if you set two weapon slots to one key, or use one of Vice City's or MTA's keys.



Important Note: I've only tested this on vc 1.0, if you REALLY REALLY want it for 1.1, then you'll have to beg me...

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when i start this tool it eats 90% CPU....

So..there's no docs....i think i am supposed to start it, keep the window open and then start GTA VC /MTA VC ???

That's what i did....but it doesnt work.

Pressing 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 does *nothing* here. Mouswheel works as always.

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with ideas such a drop weapon button showing up and the annoyance of holding 7 weapon classes when all I you need is fast access to a shotgun has everything to do with MP, I'd love to see this tool get working for both versions and eventually become part of the MTA interface it's self

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