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100 kills championship

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This is a great way to brag about how much of a killer you are. It is possible to get your stats now with the MTAMA scripts. You can see how long you played and how many times you have been killed. I will have the command !stats added to the Partyserver and Dawgy's server IP to follow and I hope other servers offer this too

The person who holds the record for the fastest time to 100 kills with the least amount of deaths is the current Champion. The championship belt will be the ultra hot <100> tag before your name when you wish and the100 Kills Champion link in your signature. (quote this post to get that link)

Once someone beats you, you lose the title.


You must submit of screen of the !stats command followed by your score in the ingame chat.

If you tie someones time the person with the least deaths is the winner

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say that earlier next time, i had 100kills n the beginning of my serv...

ok, i had a volunteer "you-must-be-killed-and-do-nothing" person

Yeah it is possible to fudge this contest like that but I hope only serious ppl will compete in this contest and maybe they can post what server they did this in just incase

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I got 4 more cookies Left! and fell in a nice mood :D

If you have 4 cookies left, how come there are only 3 in your signature? Hmmmm? :)

/me runs away with stolen cookie

-One Given to [KFC]Kun6Fu6r1p

-One Given to MrBump

-One Stolen by Ransom

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F11 doesn't tell you how long it took you or how many times you died. Anyone can get 100 kills but how long will it take you and how many times will you die?

Assuming your game doesn't crash much this is a bonefide way to see who is the best

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OK we have our first 100kills champion.

You will never guess who it is


As the current Champion I can wear the <100>Tag in game until I am beaten. I can also add that i am the champion to my sig

I can't seem to keep my scripts going, but I am working on it so I had to use the stats from admin. I hope other servers are using the !stats script so you can get your time.

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lmao, u had almost as many deaths as u had kills. tsk tsk =P

Utopia that's in the admin I will get !stats to work but I will also email ppl this screen if I am around when they hit 100. The real problem is that the connection times out so often and that resets your time and deaths. You could show up with a 5 min 100kills with no deaths... I hope the other servers start using !stats and that they don't reset as much as mine.


You forget you play in Party a lot? You have a similar ratio.

feel free to beat it

btw look at my ping *cough*lagger*cough*

I really just wanted to get on the board but the amount of deaths only matters if you have the same time as someone else. I am sure I can beat this time too.

I think this will be a good indicator of how good you are even thou it's real easy to cheat I hope noone does.

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No many more ppl on the Party server can do this but there are also other servers that can add this script.


I will have the !stats working on Party. I will probably ask Nutz to run the script because he runs the server therefore less chance of a timeout. Again, I mainly wanted to get a score up on the board. The client didn't timeout for about 3 hours so it was a good oportunity to get the ball rolling for this contest.

I care more about this becoming a title than I do about holding it trust me.

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