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MTA Compiler

What is the "MTA Compiler" bringing?:
It's small tool providing to precompile Lua Scripts. Further it supports the new from MTA provided additional features.

What are the requirements?:
To start this program, you need Java on your os.
If you haven't installed it yet, you can download Java here:
A further requirement is a working internet connection, because this program is based on the MTA provided Online-API from

Which functions brings this program?:
The compiler is just the graphical version of the compiler, which is provided by MTA. Because of the handling from the MTA compiler, which can only be executed by a command line window, I decided to create a graphical improved version of a compiler.
An additional feature is, that the compiler can read META.xml files and compile the scripts priveded in there.

What is allowed/disallowed?:
It’s not allowed to publish this program again under another name.

This program is actually in a very early state. So it’s possible, that
some error messages will not be shown. In the worst case, it’s possible that
data can be lost. I think most of bugs are fixed. Before you ran
this program, please make a backup of your scripts!!!




Screen1: Main window
Screen2: Overwriting protection
Screen3: Result
Screen4: Update 0.3
Screen5: Update 0.4
Screen6: Ubuntu Test Drop
Screen7: Ubuntu Test
Screen8: Ubuntu Test

Link to directory:

- Since Alpha 0.4 language support

PS: I know my english is not the best,  because I'm from switzerland and not a native english speaker. So please don't be hard with spelling and grammar. ;)

Edited by Audifire
Links working again

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I take it that you haven't heard about that offline compilers won't be able to be used soon, you can only use the compiler.

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I didn't read that part I guess, my bad.

Good work with it, I may download it later to check it out.

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I take it that you haven't heard about that offline compilers won't be able to be used soon, you can only use the compiler.

I am interested in why that? Only the will be able to use? Because I use

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Version Alpha 0.5


Download: (Version Alpha 0.5)

Changelog 0.5:

  • improved configuration
  • path saving when choose a file
  • optimized error output
  • fixed translation errors
  • code optimizing
  • it's now possible to drop files ofer textfield
  • tested on Ubuntu and Mac OSX

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Awesome ! , plus that java works on almost every os .. this is just amazing :3

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Release of version 1.0. Now it's possible, to edit all lua endings in the meta to luac.

A new feature is to overwrite all existing luac files.

Download is in the first post.

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Thanks for your positive reponse. I never thought, that someone is using that now, after such a long time. 😅

What confuses me more, how where you able to download the compiler? I saw now, that the downloadlinks are offline. I will fix that, as soon as possible.

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