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Is MTA a Laggy mod???  

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  1. 1. Is MTA a Laggy mod???

    • Hell Yeah! im getting tired of it!!!
    • It´s a beta so chill!
    • No! I luv Lag and i like to die or crash.

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i just think that mta is a good game but theres too much lag when for example : you go in a car with another player ...that needs to be fixed.

+ all kinds of things are realy anoying like you shoot a guy with a mp5 230 times and he wont die or player that are gone but u can still see their names next to their person...

i know its still a beta and it will be fixed in some months or so...

you cant play nice and smooth in mta:vc cuz you get lag like 5 times per second when your with someone as i said


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Personally, I love the 'lag'. It makes the experienced players (who know more about the 'lag' and how to cope with it) better killers as opposed to the "Point & Shoot" newbies who don't know shit about MTA!

I love the 'lag' (which to me is a totally new game system, keeps it fun you know?).. So by all means, keep it in.

However, bugs should be fixed, obviously.

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No YOU shut the fuck up MAD_BOY :x i didnt say anything in a wrong way, so why do you say stfu ? maby cuz your a stupid kid with no brain?

watch your freakin language and dont come up here and say stfu to me

cuz you dont know me .. :d::u::m::b::f::u::c::k:

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