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:NEW aMpT Video: S I N --- ACT2! "Getting There" !!!!!

Should Act3 have more or less stunts to story ratio than Act2?  

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  1. 1. Should Act3 have more or less stunts to story ratio than Act2?

    • More Stunts
    • More Storyline
    • Half and Half, Balance Them Out

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well i havent really posted here in quite a while eh? well, i just wanna release Act2 to u guys, and i hope ya enjoy it. Find all of the information here at my forums, and btw, i disabled the permissions masks on this certain part of the forums so u dont have to be a member of the forums to view this. i have ALL of he information about it there

oh yeah, and one thing i forgot to mention....... its 21 minutes long! :P:twisted:

http://amptstunting.forumer.com/index.p ... f=19&t=126

l8er - - - - - Andyroososoft

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Ill be getting it when I get back home

20 minutes? - you trying to go for a record here? - YOu must have covered the whole city and then some no? - and overcourse Im sure there will be a lots of new areas to explore since I guess your using GTA:WO for LC

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no, :?:? u've got it wrong, im not really the competitive type, and this vid is the 2nd of a trilogy. so obviously after im done act3 ill stop making themed movies, cuz stunt vids r so muuch funner to make, get it? :lol:

DJ can do wutever the hell he wants for vids, i'm not kind of competition. We, :ampt: , are a stunt crew, not a "themed video making crew" so we'll stop makin themed vids :P

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y is there a "!"??? personally i dont compete with other ppl or crews, i know most of them on msn and stuff, so i learn from their creations. i dont get really anxious about making a better video, cuz my style of stunting and editing wont realy change much, it'll only get better.

If u didnt really understand that, im just comfirming im not a competetive type. and posting here is a waste of time cuz i'd much rather be on the ampt forums!

l8er - - - Andyroososoft :x

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Tons of goodstuff, Andy. :) Things I'm gonna suggest short and to the point........ Speed everything up. 21 mins could have been much shorter. The slow mo is overplayed. I still saw a lot of fillers imo, but you did have some bad ass stunts like the 2 grinds in there. I think you should just take the rep text out. It was inconsistent and i think most of us appreciate the absence of it more than it saying AMPT. Thats just my opinion though. I still liked it though, and i can't wait for the next one. :wink: Just Speed it up aight. I'll give you a damn muffin. props to Mike for that Grind in mansion.

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Speed everything up. 21 mins could have been much shorter.
Agreed, The vid could have been less then 15 minutes if there were no slow mo shots. Slow mo every now and then is ok, but there is way to much. just increase the speed by like 25% and it will help ALOT. Also the replay text thing did bother me a bit... If your not going to get rid of it all together atleast try to keep it consistent. I didn't notice very many bad camera angles, so thats good. There were some filler stunts but you deffinetly had some that were very nice as well.
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did that at work with a sony stick =) - nice way of getting around things =P

dude, no sony for me, i got my own import stuff ;) its actually a ballpoint with 256 mb (yes, with a ballpoint you can write too, its very small :D ) i love getting new gadgets (and even try to sell them ;) )

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