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Is Reloading Synced?

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I figured I'd settle this once and for all...

I don't see any reloading for any weapons except a Spas every now and then. With every gun, and 90% of the time with the spas, I never see anyone reload!

I hear people say they see reloading, but I'm not sure if it's true or if they're just stupid.

I've done tests with the spas and nobody has ever seen it reload, and I don't see them reload.

Is reloading synced?!?! :x:x:x

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I don't really think it's a "syncing" issue cause reloading is handled locally like most things in MTA, so unless some1's hacking Vice (and probly the client as well), they should change clips just like in SP. Even if the animation is missing, ppl will stop firing every so often.

What I've seen ingame also verifies this. Others seem to pause n' reload their SPAS every 5 or so shots and same goes for most other weaps as well. So I'd guess yeah, there's no prob there.

Maybe you're just a cheat magnet; ever think of that :P?

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normally i will see people just stop shooting and stand there (as imagined) and most of the cheaters i've run across still reload and still get knocked down lol, it's funny when they can't kill you with a spaz, stop to relaod, and you stick the stubby to their gut.

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Even with other guns I don't see reloading. However, when they stop shooting I see the reload animation, and then they run. Just like if you shoot with the spas and then stop, he cocks then gun before you can move.

I've never seen an m60, m4, any uzi, pistol, etc reload..

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theres a trick (not a cheat) to not having to reload some weapons. but it's a secret........ah what the hell:

use the scrollwheel to select a different weapon, then change right back, and yer clip is full. it's much faster in some cases than reloading

man i suck at keeping secrets. we'll just call that a tip of the day or sumthin

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Reloading is currently not synched.

One tip I can give for coping with it, it not to release the firebutton when you see your character reload. Just keep firing, there is a good chance your actor in the game will keep firing and reload its weapon at an other time.

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So wait a sec here: you mean that while I see my character loading hence NOT shooting at that time, MTA keeps generating shooting packages, or what? I mean where do these rounds come from if I'm not shooting? And what if I decide to not fire after I reload? If MTA keeps telling others I'm still firing, when will it decide to stop that?

Edit: And like I said before, I've seen ppl reload in very many occations. I've had millions of shotty fights, where ppl naturally reload after every shot, I've come up against mexes with magnums - those reload after each shot too. Hell, I've even had some ret,arded Tec9, or Ingram fights with others running around and shooting and even then I've seen them reload after they wasted their 30 or so rounds clip. I don't really remember seeing ppl reload MP4's or Kruegers cause those aren't the most popular weaps in the game, but I think I've seen ppl stop shooting with them briefly and then start again, so I bet they were changing clips then as well. So the Q is, if reloading isn't synced, why have I seen it happen so many times? Was I dreaming?

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people have to intentionally take advantage of this glitch almost. its not something that "oh whoops i didnt know that would happen" very many times if u get what i mean. if u dont believe this glitch is easy to take advantage of then find me in a server sometime and il show u

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Okay, it may be hard to understand, but what YOU see on YOUR screen isn't happening exactly that way, in fact, it may not even be happening at all. The sooner you figure that out, you'll be a better MTA player.

Also, the Stubby reload is synced. The pump shotgun reload is synced.

As for everything else, you may see a reload, but you're actually still shooting. Is it weird? I guess it is if you think superficially.

The only thing that doesn't reload are clips. IE: Uzi, Pistol, M60 (?), Spas, etc...

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Reloading not being synched does not mean that the actors in the game do not reload at all. They reload whenever they run out of an ammo clip, which may be sooner/later than the player controlling it has.

Single shot weapons are not synched either, they just reload after every shot, so there is no way around it for the game engine that time. It has to reload after one shot, and therefore looks synched.

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