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Help needed, please read

Guest Mott

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I really have no clue what is going on but about 3 months ago I re-installed vice city and I have this huge problem. None of the good textures load the whole city looks like utter crap, even worse than the ps2 version. If I stand in one place for like 3 minutes the nice textures will load up but who wants to do that? I cannot even tell what the stores are or if there are medians in the road because none of the graphics load. Its weird because I uninstalled it and later I got a new video card, tried it again and it did the same thing, since then I have gotten an entirely new computer and I have the same problem. Does anyone else know of this problem? I have tried 1.0 and 1.1 but nothing works. I have e-mail take two tech support but they are the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever met and I completely gave up on them helping me. So here I am asking you guys. I really wanna play this and hit up multiplayer but it looks so freakin' bad I dont even want to play it like this!

please e-mail me @ enilkira@shaw.ca if you can help me, thankyou

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yeah , all you can basicly do is update the videocard drivers. i use a 256mb card . and sometimes the textures gets fuxy . but after like 1-3 seconds it loads completely .

Make sure you use atleast a 64mb card . and also buy the newer version of these 64mb card (or better mb) cause if you buy like a radeon 100 with 64mb . it will not work just cause of the 64mb . make sure the card supports directx 8.1 and up

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None of the good textures load the whole city looks like utter crap, even worse than the ps2 version.

The PS2 version isn't crap, people should turn off the "TRAILS" option and stop that shitty blurry effect, thats why the PC graphics are generaly better because it has no trails.

But I had this problem with my PS2 disc and somtimes with my PC disc, is the Disc scratched badly or alot in anyway??

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what if you try disabling AGP? ( i mean seriously with a 256mb graphics card do you need ot enabled?)

i haven't tried it on mine yet, but i'm guessing it could speed things up

well try either disabling AGP in direct x or set the apartiture? can't remmeber how its spelit but its size to disabled or something in the bios (if i remember correctly rockstar actually suggest setting it to 4mb or off because the textures get loaded into system memory, and sometimes virtual memory, both of which are considerably slower than the video cards memory)

otherwise...prahaps you need to defrag your drive? i know it may seem like a stupdi thing to say to some people but not everyone knows how to, or why, or what it can do for the speed of your computer

also for those who say you need a dx 8.1 card, i used to play gta on a matrox G450 with 32mb (actually using 24mb for the main montir and 8for the second one) waht card was only dx 6 hardware but it still run gta3 and vice city (although only vice city stayed at a smooth framerate) but strangly that was the only video card i never had any wierd texture problems, like with others i've tried geforce, tnt, radeon cards always seem to get textures loading slowly at least some point like everything blue when your driving fast then the textures load in after you hit a building...

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Like I said - never tried it myself.

However, I have found that having the latest drivers doesn't necessarily fix the problem. For example, I used to have a problem with Battlefield 1942 where only 1 driver would actually work with the game (which was an old driver), but this old driver broke compatibility with some of my newer games.

The problem's been fixed now, but you could try experimenting with different versions.

You say in your opening post that you reinstalled VC. Was this because of a reformat? If so, you probably downloaded the latest drivers as soon as you reinstalled, which may have broken compatibility.

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i've never noticed a performance loss when disabling agp although i think nvida chipsets tend to rely heavily on the agp..disabling agp in direct x just disables direct x using the system memory to store textures (as far as i know) so it would speed it up considerably if you have a 128/256card or even 64 i should imagine as it doesn't have to store textures in the slower system memory, i guess dual ddr channel pc3200 doesn't have that problem but for people with pc133 or slower ddr it would be considerably slower using system memory?

can't do no harm trying and it can always be undone!

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Well . Disablying AGP won't solve the problem for sure , cause thats something totaly different . and besides . why did you buy a agp card if your not going to use it ?

Agp Means : Accelerated Graphics Port

PCI Means : HUm ... Not sure . but its not accelerated :lol:

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wll . what i basicly sayid is . Compare the prices with a PCI and AGP car for pc's . There is a HUGE difference . Because there is a HUGE difference with the performance . And i said , if he bought a expencive agpo card . why use it as PCI (low performance)

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