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[TEA] Gang formed for euro league - EU Applications only pls


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[FMJ]Oli and some others have started a European League - see http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=80048#80048 - As most of the larger established gangs have members from all over the world i am forming TEA (The Euro Allstars) specifically for this competition.

IMPORTANT: It doesn't matter if you are already in a gang, this gang is ONLY for the euro comp so there will be no conflicts with your current loyalties.

So I invite all the EU players be it from ulk, kfc, vca, vcp, vck, tmm, etc to apply so we can take part in the league above.

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Still waiting to hear back from one prospective member.

There is a leaders meeting on saturday to discuss rules and organisation etc, more news on here and on the official league site im sure once these things are sorted.

All members please sign up for the league site @ http://www.mta-euleague.com/ if you havn't done so already. Cheers.

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OK leaders had a meeting with organisors today and drew up the rules and format etc, they will be posted in full on the league website but so you know:

best of three rounds wins the match

scores: 3 points for a match win, 1 each for a draw, 0 for a loss.

Game modes: may be chosen from attack/defend/ffa (as used in previous leagues), cops v robbers script, team DM script timed rounds. these are to be agreed upon by both gangs in advance

max/min players: between 5 and 8, amount of players to be agreed between bith gangs in advance. Team may choose to fight even if they are short of members, providing you have minimum of 5 players

Cheating: If a player is seen to cheat the entire gang is disqualified from the league.

Refs and admins: one of each to be present during each match.

Mode specific rules: in defend and attack rounds the defenders may not use helicopters. defenders may leave the 'base' but if at any time the base has no defenders in it the attackers win. (so lets leave at least 2 or 3 people in base at all times, to take into account timeouts and crashes ;) )

Spaz is not allowed

Substitutes: Gangs may have between 5 and 8 players per maych plus 2 substitues. These may come into the game in place of another player. Substitutions may only be performed between rounds, i.e after round one but before round 2, or after round 2. NOT during the round.

General: Timeouts and crashed players may rejoin the round quickly.

Servers may be booked by contacting [FMJ]Oli

Match arrangements to be announced in your countries league forum.

Thats all i recall, sorry if its a little muddled im typing as it comes to me. Will add anything i missed

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Local League / European League

-Oli had asked me what county we would be playing 'for', now as we have members from all over Europe I don't think we can claim allegience to any single one, so we will be European. We will compete with gangs from all over.

Pre-Season Matches.

-Tomorrow there is a Pre-season warm-up match at around 8pm [GMT], 16 player so 8 v 8, its first 16 people come first served, first 8 spots are already taken.

-From TEA both TORBOB and myself are entered, (he's the only one ive spoken to so far )

-So post on here or let myself and/or Oli know as soon as you can. Thanks

Personally I can't wait, pub play is fun, but organised matches are something else altogether.

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