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MTA European League


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Some time ago a few members of MTA and myself came up with an idea to have a European League for MTA, where clans from europe compete in their different countries and then one clan from each country comes and fights in a european league.

We have now come a long way in this and have put together a website and have recruited a large number of clans to the cause.

The basic principle is as follows:

The MTA-EU League is a system put together by 4 MTA players, [FMJ]Oli, [FMJ]Mack, Partyz[VT] and TmM_MadMike. We came up with an idea to have a league in europe where clans from different countries would compete against each other.

The league itself is split into mini-leagues for each country, where every clan in a country will be part of a mini-league to compete for entry to the EU-league. The the best clan from each country will then join the main EU-League. This system will rotate, and the mini-leagues in each country will not stop, they will continue as to rotate the clans in the main EU-League.

I am posting this information here to inform all other european clans which we have not already contacted that this league is recruiting all available european clans.

The main reasons that we have limited this league to being only european participants are so to avoid a mass of scheduling (we want to see how much we can handle before taking on the whole world) and to avoid too many ping and timezone issues.

We have approximately 25 clans signed already and are still working on more.

Once all the clans have been signed we will be having a meeting of all clan leaders to discuss and decide rules for the matches etc.

The site is at http://www.mta-euleague.com not all content has been uploaded to this site yet.

Hope to see many more people arrive at the site, as it had a hell of a kick off yesterday (30 users and 400 posts in 5 hours :D ).

Thanks to all in advance for their cooperation.


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Nice idea, I hope it succeeds. I'd love to take part myself (I'm English) but VCA is multinational so we aren't a Euro gang.

Perhaps I could form an 'Euro ALL-Star Gang' from the EU players in each multinational gang and enter with that, (this league only so no clashes with current gang commitments).

I hereby form and reserve the gang name of TEA (pending clearance from Oli that we would be eligable) haha, black_dragon will love that name (The Euro Allstars).

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I would expect any EU BLASTA members to join TEA, as its for this comp only. There arent that many EU players in the bigger gangs so lets make one strong well supported gang rather than 8 tiny Current Gang EU departments.

xenex is all for joining TEA providing he can finally fix his mta. (fingers crossed)

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hi guys, sorry for my absence, ive been visiting my dad in hospital.

Ill add TEA now, who is the leader, can they sign up at forums so I can make them moderator of the forum.

Also I will need a members list, server list, website url and any other details.

There are a few changes that I need to update in the league, check the site for more info.


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Also, can this post be made sticky??

And I want this post to be completely spam free... If you dont have anything relavent to say then go to one of the many spamming threads and talk there.


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im working on the rules atm, as for what we agreed that is. I am trying to get them to be as clear and concise as possible. I will post the final versions up on the main site tomorrow.

Im also introducing a system where clans in the subleagues can organise with each other when to fight, just as long as they confirm it on the league site. There will also be a system where you can book a server to use for your match.

These updates and a couple more will be going up tomorrow in the day time hopefully so check back then.


PS: thanks for making this sticky :D

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OK the rules and server booking are finally done. You can see them here.

Please all post your comments in the league forums

also we are having a test match on wednesday, check the forums for more details if u wanna take part.


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