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I would like to make a suggestion about the health in VC.

Would there be a way if oyu fell off a really high building it would be instant death. Or if you crash in your car you get health took off.... there would be some disadvantages here but placing a few more health pickups around it should be abit better.

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You'd have to fall from fuc,king Mars to get killed in VC, or start with a hp stat of <10, so for all practical intents and purposes the freefall damage system isn't realistic.

But who gives a fu,ck anyway? So what if you don't die and only lose 30hp's max? You really want that much to be effectively stranded everytime some1 with a chopper leaves you on top of a building? You want to visit the spawn location even more often? What's the big gameplay gain from this?

If you want a more realistic approach to falling, just type /kill after you fall from any height over 60ft, really simple.

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