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Weapon shortcuts


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Another suggestion i had is to add shortcuts to the weapons . Like if you want to use the shotgun press , and if you want to use .. hum a certain weapon press another botton .

This would REALLY help in gang battles . Since it would be much easyer to swtich battles .

And also my finger hurts from scrolling that little botton on the middle of the 2 mouse bottons to change weapon :cry:

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Its not the first time this has come up, and I too think it would be a vast improvement of weapon selecting. I never really thought that the scrollwheel was a good idea, but for singleplayer it doesnt matter that much. In Multiplayer however, if you can't 'find' the proper weapon you want to use in time, you'll either be dead or otherwise at an disadvantage.

I've looked into doing it myself, but the Engine does not have enough free keys to assign, so it must be hacked in, like we do with 't'alk key. You will understand that this is very low priority, since weapon switching already works, but I'm sure we'll fix it at some point.

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is using a scrollwheel honestly that difficult for you?

I used to have an old MS Intellimouse Explorer with a wheel that clicked. So one click = one weapon change.

This broke however (it's made by MS of course), and so I upgraded to the new Intellimouse Explorer. This one has a smooth scrolling wheel which makes it great for stuff like Internet Explorer, but I tend to scroll 2 weapons at a time because I can't tell how much or how little to scroll it.

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you're all talkin about forgettting what weapon is in what slot, i just memorize it, (normally the m60 or the stubby), then scroll onto that slot when i shoot

when i spawn as a robber, i run around with the pistol, then to shoot, i scroll down once to pull out the stubby. i do that cuz u can run with the pistol and its pretty effortless to scroll down once. same thing with the m60.

hotkeys would only confuse the weaps, for me at least :wink:

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Ok folks. I was bored for 20 minutes or so, so i knocked up another little app that does just what people seem to want:

Heres the readme:

This mini-mod allows you to use the keyboard keys 1 thru 9 to choose different weapons in vice city, in the same order as you'd scroll through them. If a weapon can't be used (i.e. you haven't got a weapon in that slot, or its run out of bullets) you'll hear a beep.

You can download it at http://misc.opencoding.net/VCWSK.zip (6.46KB). Its very easy to use, just run the program before or after you launch Vice City (or MTA:VC) and then just play! Hit the keys to instantly change weapon.

I haven't tested this a huge ammount. If you find bugs, please say.



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Ok, you can now choose different keys. Also fixed a couple of little bugs


Ok, I've uploaded it to the same address as before:

http://misc.opencoding.net/VCWSK.zip (10.5 KB)

You might get weird effects if you set two weapon slots to one key, or use one of Vice City's or MTA's keys.



Important Note: I've only tested this on vc 1.0, if you REALLY REALLY want it for 1.1, then you'll have to beg me...

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