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A suggestion or two....


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I have couple of suggestions for MTA but I guess they've already been thought of or someone else will take credit for them...

There needs to be more cars. I don't have the spawn cheat so if I spawn at Prawn Island for example there are often no cars and you have to walk to the nearest vehicle or ask for a lift. If you're driving around at high speeds and you stack your car its often a long walk to the nearest vehicle. Also when you think you'll get a car at a usual place someone has already taken it and discarded it on the other side of the map so you don't have a ride :( .

There definately needs to be more motor bikes, at spawn points and the airport in particular would be good places. One more thing....that cheap damn helicopter rotor blade instant death needs to be nerfed because its being abused by noobs who don't have the talent to aim and fire a gun :x .

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