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MTA 1.3.3 And Wine


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i never got MTA run in PlayOnLinux BUT in standart wine.

I installed Wine 1.4.1(from synaptic) and MTA 1.3.3

i also set wine to emulate a desktop which makes it easyer to get out and in

and before you install mta you should install dx full package

if you dont get this managed you can write me a pm

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Actually, the problem is not the netc.dll. When executing wine on the command line you get more errors as can be seen on http://jupiter.modpro.be/mta_wine.png . I'm still in the process of examining this error myself. This is wine 1.4.1 as made available by Debian. Unfortunatly due to the multiarch setup of new Debians it has become more difficult to recompile debian from scratch and therefore identify the problem.

GTASA itself runs fine under wine. So there should be no need to install or update DX under wine. Wine should take care of the DX calls by itself.

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