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are you a male/female?


r u a male or female?  

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  1. 1. r u a male or female?

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  • MTA Team
lol this poll is chock' full of weiner..... :x

I think its chock full of TESTOSTERONE :lol:

told ya results would be disappointing. Of course we're all males or else we wouldn't have pointless arguements everyday.

There is only 1 girl I know of related to the MTA community, but she doesn't even play! {ULK}Lindsay :lol:

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  • MTA Team
I have a female friend that plays everynow and then, twice a month tops :\ , but her pc sucks, maybe for her bday i'll get her a 1.2 ghz board or something lol

just a friend huh

Good luck with getting her a computer but she will just use it after she bangs someone else so you shouldn't bother. :lol:

ow thats harsh kung, don't say that about your mom :lol:

btw, wiener count is going up

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