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Any idea how to do this (shoutcast radio) + script request


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I found a thread on this board for streaming music in MTAVC using shoutcast. Is there any feasible way that you could get the artist and song title to appear as they begin through admin window? Or any other method to let people know on your server what you are playing? I also have put together tons of playlists that I want to use on my server and would be great if there was a script that would allow others to vote on a genre of music. I tried to keep my playlsit varied to satisfy all but know that's nearly impossible. Thanxs... Chewd

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there have been talks before of people streaming their mp3s while in their cars (like a car stereo) or just having the stations running from there, but I don't think its really all that possible, or feesable for the next few versions

as for shoutcast etc, i guess you can still connect to the shoutcast server, just not through mta, and maybe the ingame vote system could affect the shoutcast server, but its gona require some nifty scripting

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