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Why server's shutting down?


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[2013-08-13 19:29:41] Resources: 63 loaded, 0 failed

[2013-08-13 19:29:41] Querying game-monitor.com master server... failed! (302: Moved temporarily)

[2013-08-13 19:29:41] Querying backup master server... success!

[2013-08-13 19:29:41] Starting resources.................

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] INFO: Race resource starting

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] startResource: Resource 'race_toptimes' started

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] startResource: Resource 'race_traffic_sensor' started

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] INFO: Race onGamemodeStart

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] Server started and is ready to accept connections!

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] To stop the server, type 'shutdown' or press Ctrl-C

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] Type 'help' for a list of commands.

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] Starting race-[dd]crossgold9

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] INFO: onGamemodeMapStart(race-[dd]crossgold9)

[2013-08-13 19:29:42] INFO: Stopping map

Why it can stop everything and shut down?

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