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Admin problems

Guest Azantist

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hi, whenever i have LAN parties, i wanna host a game and become admin, but i don't know how to become admin (i need it to kick my stupid brothers off the LAN game. please help. i have downloaded the server file, server config tool, the client and the admin server. please help

thanks Azantist :D

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Vass , you gotta explain more man :wink: .

OK . Open the "mtaserver.conf" on the directory were you installed MTA (open it with notepad)

-Then find "Admin Server" and make sure there's a 1 there instead of a 0.

-Next find Admin Port (below admin server) and select a 4 digit port (just make up numbers) make it different from the server's port tho .

-Next scrol dont a bit and find "admin password"

Then type and password , the default password is "password" so just to make it easyer , since your playing on LAN . if you want leave it as password (if your lazy)

Then save the file (as a .conf - NOT .txt !)

and then open the admin type the admin port that you chose and password . any username does it . And violla .... you just got your self an admin thingy :D

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