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first of all id like to say MTA VC is cool....

now for my problem i have a DSL connection and i've got a router. With built in firewall which is disabled.

I first played on MTA VC 2day and the first server i went on other people were laggin like hell and i mean everyone they were sayin to me i wasnt laggin but i couldnt even kill a person i'd try an run em over (they wouldnt die) i kept shooting them (they wouldnt die) i tryed to chainsaw someone (he/she wouldnt die).. so i decided to change to a different server and everything was happening all over again. so i changed again same happend u get my point... and the ppl were all over the place.....jus wondering if theres any setting that could help with this cause to be honest its spoiling my gameplay... :(:(:(:(:(

do i need to open any ports on my router.....

thx hope you guys/gals can help :) :)

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whats your avarage ping ?

If the game is working fine you do not need to open any ports

And there is a chainsaw bug , were you canot walk pressing the action botton wiht the chain saw , cause on the other player screen your just walking around with the chainsaw "turned off" so you must keep pressing the action botton . so the player will move it up and down"

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even on a good connection, people in vc can move _extremely_ fast in comparison to other games.

Personally if i want to play a good clean running game, I have to reset my router so it gets a nice fresh connection, then I have to turn off and kill any dl including bittorrent, kazaa, web dls etc. It's possible that your upload stream is being absorbed by programs like kazaa.

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My average ping is about 20 - 50..... and when i play online games i do turn off my P2P programs :lol: i really need to know how to fix this cause i cant kill no one ive kill 2 ppl since ive been on it and im sure thats not good :roll:

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Well i ping anything from 200 to 500 (when it spikes) and have no problem killing most people. Ive even had a 500 ping and faced someone with a 600 ping. took a lot of ammo but i killed him eventually, just compensate for the ping and learn how to shoot in the useful topics thread

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i dunno, our old one was fine, then after 5 years it died, they replaced it with the new model, and it sucked lol.

When my dads office closed, he said i could have anything i could walk out with from the server room ::he underestimated me haha:: and the hub was one of the goodies

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