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How many computers do you own and what do you use them for?


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My PC,

My Daughters PC,

My Sons PC,

My Sons Laptop (286, but hes only 7 ;) )

My Daughters old 486,

MY old 486,

Another old 486, donated ram and keyboard to the others.

My old PC, also donated ram and keyboard.

So thats 8, not including the parts in the cupboard that would make a working pc if i could be bothered.

*Buys another PC and starts looking for larger accomodation*

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Thats Kool Guys.... Mine Are Used For....


1)My Kick Ass PC For Like MTA, CS, And Other Games And Shiat

2)The PII 266mhz I Got Mah Parents Hooked Up Wit For Like Poker And There Shiat

3)Is Mah Shit PC I Play Old SP Games Like Diablo, Age Of Empires2, And So On....



2)And Mah First PC Which Died Not To Long AGO The Pentium 133 hehe, IT JUST BLU UP DONT KNO WHY

Keep Posting How Many Comps You All Have In Your HOUSE!! 8)

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486 (my linux based router right now)

crappy pentium66

pos hp P2 333 MHz (xp family computer)

2x p3 1 GHz w/ xp (one for each of my brothers)

laptop celeron 400 MHz w/ xp (dad's work laptop)


my use2b good dual pIII 866 MHz computer (sadly it died 2 weeks ago)

pos gateway server w/ dual 486 DX intels


3.4 GHz P4 w/ a gig of ddr550 ram (soon by next weekend ill have)

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443mhz gateway

2.6Ghz HP

2.8 ghz toshiba satellite

233mhz dell latitude

750mhz dell latitude

133mhz NCR something or other(obtained from an alberstons lmao)

233mhz clone box (still have no idea how the hell to get the case off)

the latitudes we got for free when my dads office made an "inventory error" but they'd of just trashed them anyway, wierd company probably why they went out of business lol

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1. My main PC - powerful with loads of extras (breaks down all the bloody time!!!) - Athlon XP 2400+, 512MB DDR 266, Geforce FX 5900 128MB, etc.

2. My secondary PC - slow and crap - used for testing proggies and when my other PC breaks down - Athlon 1000, 512MB 133, Geforce 2 MX400 64MB

3. My laptop - P4 2.66, 512MB, Geforce 4 Go

4. My half-built PC whose sole purpose in life is to sit on the floor covering up the spot with the iron-mark on it... - It's about 300Mhz if I remember rightly

5. My slow server (awaiting co-location) - 800MHz Duron, 2GB 133 RAM

6. My fast server (ditto) - 2.3 GHz P4, 3GB RAM

7. About 3 old PCs with bits falling off that I really should get rid of.

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1. 1800+ @ 2000+ Athlon XP, 256mb ddr, geforce 4 ti (Main Comp (I know it owns))

2. 800Mhz Duron @ 900Mhz, 256mb sdr, o/b graphics (Server - Win 2k3)

3. 133Mhz Pentium, 32mb ram (Laptop - Toshiba Tecra 720CDT)

4. 450Mhz Pentium, 0mb ram (ram was donated to Server)

5. 1.3Ghz Duron, 256mb sdr, o/b graphics (Bro #1 's Main Comp)

6. 800Mhz Duron, 512mb sdr, geforce 2 ti (Bro #2 's Main Comp)

7. 900Mhz Duron, 256mb sdr, radeon 9200 (Bro #3 's Main Comp)

8. 2100+ Athlon XP, 512mb ddr, radeon ???? all-in-wonder (Parents Main Comp)

9. 0Mhz, 0mb ram, o/b graphics (Spare Case / Mobo (Spilt a drink over (hehe) - keyboard lights flash when off))

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lol i keep distinct rules about my pcs, one is no food or drink within 10 ft. they break the rules, i break their face ya know. I kicked a guy out of our hotel room at a convention because the ass blew my laptops speaker...because he didn't ask permission to use it...wonder if he had fun sleeping in the hall :lol:

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I got 1 PC coz its all I need! Used for Games, Internet and Homework:

HP Pavillion 750 UK

Intel Pentium 4

80 Gigs

GForce 4

512 MB or RAM

10 USB ports

Logitech Optical Mouse and a Weird Keyboard with 2 extra USB's on the back

On the computer is:

Over 150 hours of Musak

Over 20 Games

All the Red Dwarf, Blackadder and Faulty Towers Scripts

500+ Screenshots of various things

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