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Duel Moniter MTA

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Hey, recently I purchaced another moniter for my computer so I can edit video duel moniter style. After installed I started to play mta, while playing i could display the same thing on both screens, then i hit the look behind button and got this CRAZY idea. What if you could use one moniter to always be looking behind and the other to look forward? Like a rearview mirror?

Is this possible to do? I have my doubts it is. But just a thought for ya :)

I searched all the forums for this topic already and couldnt find nothing, so i think this is a fresh idea.


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i think that would be impossible somehow, unless you have your desktop set as one ove the two desktops have the game use the full resolution shove half the screen as normal and the other half as the other view, although i think it would be incredibly hard to do,

gta only uses one monitor, to be able to use it with each monitorh aving its own resultion, you would have to rewrite the gta engine to be able to use it...i think

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