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As title said, a Lua compiler!

Basic C# project of mine, compiles files or entire resources.


  • General
  • If there is an error during compiling it will be detected and shown to you
  • Option to update meta.xml with new path
  • Option to only update/compile clientside files
  • Specify which file extension the new file should have
  • Option to prompt before overwriting
  • Option to keep items in the list for regular use
  • Option to set default directory for files/resources
  • Settings save in between sessions
  • Launch the portable program from anywhere, it will create the necessary files itself

  • Files
  • Select one or more files
  • Looks for a meta.xml 10 directories up

  • Resources
  • Scans the meta.xml for related files

Uses Lua's official luac.exe [credit to http://www.lua.org/ - http://www.lua.org/license.html]

File is included within program.


Virus scan

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