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I knwo thats there are gangs on mta . But it would be nice if there were (another gametype ) thats was more "game strict" . like if your a cop , you have to get robbers and you cant kill other cops . so people could play"the way mta was designed to" like . if your a character , this character should kill certain people , not anyone .

Im not sayind that the deathmatch gametype is bad . (which is the best one i think there is ) Im just saying that it would be cool to "roleplay" as a game character , doing your job daily (E.X : police officer , should arrest certain people , diaz should do some drug deals , and the sailer would ... well , sail . :lol:

Of course , right now the way mta is . it should get more stable . and then they can do something like this . But this is just a "ehead idea"

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lol . hes not asking for bots . he's just saying that if my idea "worked" what would the sailors do if they dint have anyboats to take care and stuff ?

Well the answer is simply like . This is vice City ! Sailors dosent have to sail . they go underground , if you know what i mean :)

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