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Alright, this problem is really starting to push my anger to a new level. About 1/4th of the time I am playing MTA, the text I put in the chat box simply doesnt show. I send it over and over (15 times, sometimes more) and it NEVER shows. Then, I try typing something small such as 'damnit' and it shows instantly. I return to trying to say what I wanted to say before, and nothing.

If there isn't a fix for this, just say so. I would like to at least know if anyone is experiencing this.

BTW, a lot of times when this happens I get the Client CRC check timeout error. The fix for this didn't work for me at all. I got it more in 0.3 than I did 0.3r2 :roll:

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sounds like packet loss to me...

chances are you time out a lot too :-P

You should try to find a better server, or check your firewall settings, (some sysadmins of large networks, throttle the piss out of UDP traffic... I had htis problem at the last college i went to.)


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Yeah, I timeout almost every time I crash (which is a lot). I was gonna ask about that too... :P

Anyway, I'm on the best server I can find (goons). I am connected through a proxy :oops: and I know that makes my ping and lag all over the chart, but would that also have anything to do with this?

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yes playing via proxy will hit your ping and you latency hard, therefore increasing the chance of timing out. But note that most text you send IS sent, other players see it even if you do not see it yourself.

Also note the goons server is large, therefore giving a much higher chance of pinging out, especially if you have a slower computer/connection or are distant from it (or use a proxy for some wierd reason)

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So, if I get my computer off of the proxy, that would help a lot of the problems? And also, would a network firewall be causing any of this?

I might be able to get my computer off of the proxy, but it might take a lot of parental convincing (3.95 GPA should be good enough ;)).

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