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I dont have the pics anymore . sicne i lost them in my last windows reboot .

But here's how i did it

I used the trainer to fly way up in the city , then saved that location , then i got my bike and parked it so that the front wheel would be higher than the back wheel . then i used the trainer to transport me to the sky . and then the bike just started to spin and spin.

The wheelie and the stoppie . i used moomaper to copy a building and made it like a nig ramp . then i drove on it . and when i reached the part were the building became "not solid" on the top . the player started to fall wiht the bike , but he dint fall he just kep falling and comming back . falling and comming back . and during this "falling and comming back thing" i could do a wheeli and started to count . so i put the time cheat and wait like 20 minutes doing this . then i just used the teleporter to put me back on the street , and i got 5:00 "game hours" of wheelie

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