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New Server MTA:VC 0.3.1 Released (20/02/2004 @ 00:17 CET)


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  • MTA Team

The new server is now available. Work began on it due to the attempts of a few to spoil others fun by flooding the current servers with join/parts. This is now blocked and we have taken the opportunity to add a few extras.

Wildcard banning is now possible.

Players I.Ps can be viewed via the admin tool.

Server password can be changed via admin tool without having to restart the server.

Some tweaks under the bonnet to increase stability and efficiency

Ban and kick (null) error fixed.

And many more. See included documents for details.

Please note this is FULLY compatible with 0.3 and 0.3r2 versions of the mtavc Client but requires a new admin tool and soon to be released MTAMA 2.0

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  • MTA Team
When is a new version of MTA server config coming?
it isn't needed, old config files still work. But if you want it to launch ur server you need to rename the exe to MTAServer.exe . An update will be made at some point, but not at the moment. I'm gonna rework it so it comes asking for the exe if the team decides to keep changing the name :P
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  • MTA Team

Hey I see 0.3.1 Admin Program at download page

There should be some kinda announcement for it shouldn't there? This last news post says its still being made. Some servers aren't upgrading cause they don't think theres an admin tool yet.

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Eeeuh not fixed?:

1. No filter for System chars on admin chat

2. You can still join with color codes >_<

A tip to stablise the server:

Add a $null after every

:arrow: Chat message

:arrow: Join

:arrow: Unban

:arrow: Addban

:arrow: Setpass

Or just simple on user input.

So it doesn't messup the chat log/display

[You can delete this message if an netcode programmer read this post]

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