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the PIMP gang


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I have just started up a new gang called the PIMP gang. No current members atm as it is brand new. If you are interested in joining, please reply to this thread, or go to my site and post a topic there:

http://www.cmlms.com/gang/modules.php?n ... wforum&f=2

Rules for the gang are pretty straight forward, and are posted in my forums, so go there to read it. I will probably only be accepting about 3-5 members to start, then get some people to recruit and such.

So... Anyone wanna join my helluva pimpin gang?

Remember, pimpin ain't easy...










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Me and a couple other people in my gang get accused of cheating alot... We do NOT CHEAT... I can't stress that enough, I hate cheating (only in MP games, I cheat in SP tho) it really seems pointless, it just shows that you have no skill.

But really, why do I get called a cheater? I must be good then, I get called a cheater too many times to suck.

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yeah, unless it's someone like kungfu or deathb that accuse you of cheating it's normally just someone who just started that week, If they proceed to make a big deal out of it, I'll let them hit me til i go to 30 or so health, then pwn them if possible lol tis the hard school of knocks vc style :x

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lol saw my name so it caught my attention

Most so called cheating is lag or sync as long as the server admin doesn't buy it your cool. You can also be convicted of cheating mistakenly if you have a super high ping.

I get accused of cheating mostly when I use other names, my main name is pretty well known.

One time I was playing as a fake name (as apposed to my real fake name) and both of KFC's gang bosses swore I was cheating (Wheelman + XCripsy are KFC's bosses)

Mostly being called a cheater is a compliment but you don't want the admin of that server to compliment you :lol:

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