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A new squad Ready for new members

We are a anticheat squad thats does not allow cheating or accusing others of cheating.

We have some rules that need to be followed but mostly were all in this for fun so enjoy.

Visit http://www.aasquad.321.cn for more info

and please visit the forum to join up

Some rules We have are:

1. We are A anitcheat squad, So no accusing people of cheating and no cheating of yourself.

2. This is a team game help out each member and if any nonmeber that needs help. "Only team with Squads members"

3. Respect everone and all Gangs!

4. Remeber this is only a Game Just have fun!!

5. Age requirement is Atleast 16

Thank you,


P.S. thank you MTA for makin this possible :D

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Thank you guys for the warm welocme lol, I didnt think it would be so hard to recruit new people ive been up and runnin for about 5 days and nobody has joined up I cuase it just takes time so ill be waitin lol



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