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It's because a lot of your blantant spam was deleted from Blasta

You are not supposed to double or in your case put 15 posts or so back to back

I am surprised you don't have a forum idiot tag

Hey look on the bright side I just lost over 1600 and 200 before that so you have more posts than me :lol:

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They're still there, its just that the post number is zero. If you want to see all my actual posts, click my profile button, go to "Find all posts by ransom" and stand in awe

(113 pages worth for you to read)

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and Db too

I asked Mr.Bill to zero us for a day yesterday I guess he did. That was my first tangle with the authorities thou I just got mixed up with the wrong crowd. (ransom and db)

I really just a constructive poster who happens to have the highest posts per day in the forum I think.

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