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MTA iRC Reporting & Administration (MTA-iRA)

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Hi all.

(first, sorry for my bad english :oops: )

I tryd to code some tcl script for eggdrops to monitor and admin MTA:VC coz an eggdrop is perm online and i dont like mirc :lol:

My problem is now, i dont know how to catch the informations on the +123 UDP port, so i'm trying to analyse the logfile...

but the format in the log is a littlebit stupid (sorry coders), like

JOIN: 'mc', PlayerID = 7 (

QUIT: 'mc', PlayerID = 1 ... quit due to timeout.

the ' , arnt good, maybe the MTA:VC coders can change the output to log more friendly or so :D

also im working on an web-interface based on tcl to view realtime stats and some admin-interface.

coz the logfile gets really big and the php stats script MTASG crashs with "maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded"

Does anyone here tryd also something line this?

Soon you can look on ToD.RoXXs.org for the alpha version of this tcl :)

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Hi :)

Today i finishd my first version of the MTA-iRA...

Now i will build the Botnet stuff :)

Here is a small screenshot:


As you can see, theres still a small prob with the output of { } [ ] nicks

and with 3 servers on one chan its very confused announce :P

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