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A couple of pics

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I wanna get rid of these pics so ill post em for everyone to see b4 i do


Pitbull gets stuck after a stunt attemps


Poor Poor Diaz *OUCH*, and poor hunter i think?


Heres what happens at a robber spawn after your outa synch for some reason


Nero got there with heli, He didnt bail. He landed then the heli fell. true. THIS IS B4 HE BETRAYED VCK. I wanna punch him


I fell of my bike and i could walk around

slothman%20at%20the%20top.JPGWith a bike but fell, NOT BAIL

stuck%20in%20a%20box.JPGDunno how i got in, just bike got stuck, got off and in it

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Was playin @ the VCES serv a while ago with some ULK and VCES folks and I somehow the Tommy spawnin bug came up. I was expectin it to crash like any second, but it didn't and I even got cocky enough to start goin around drivin, shootin ppl and even keep on respawnin as Tommy quite a few times just south of the WK Chariot hotel. Others said my skin was VCP cop, but I didn't get any armour, or even weaps which kinda sucked, so I just /quit it n reloaded in the end. Here's a few pics:

Edit: Ah damnit, sorry for the allignment fuxup folks. Don't really want to resize em though, cause the text n such stuff look all shitty when shrunk. Hope you don't mind :o.







BTW I kinda play at this serv a lot since it's closer to me (UK) than most american ones, but because of the high head count, there were still times when my ping would spike up to the 900s and slowly come down again. Like I've been sayin, there's not much I can really do, as I always kill all other net accessing progs before firin up MTA, but it never makes any difference when many ppl play on a serv. That's why it kinda makes me cranky to be hearin ppl go "fix your con" or whatever from time to time. It's really out of my hands ppl, sorry. I mean if you think it sucks playing against a lagger, imagine what it's like for me being stuck with it all the time. Hopefully I'm getting a 384/128 aDSL con soon, but generally ppl on dialup suffer as much as you do per high ping fight, only with everyone and not just one guy out of a bunch.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out of my chest, so I'll just close with a "soz bout that, been fun n' cya again" to all I played with this afternoon :).

Oh, almost forgot!

To the thread creator: HIJACKED BIATCH!!111 :P :p :P

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those are pretty great finds man..keep it up dude 8)

What do u mean "Great Finds" they are my pics, i made them, i compressed them, im the player in all the pics so do accuse me of finding them....lol :lol:

Maybe its just the sun on my screen (I know many of you live in the dark :P), but whats special about this one?

Slothy got up there with a bike but the bike fell down. I mean thats pretty hard to do. He hit the bike where im standing and flipped all the way there. Thats something

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well he asked me to reply so i reply...

ye those are great pics... just still dont get wassa with the pic with the dumpster.... oh and myself too got into one of those huge boxes once, but got out buy jumping outa vice city (ooh look at the shiney void!).

edit: oh nevermind ill read posts till the end of em... ignore the dumpster question :P

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