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MTASever behind Firewall? (ZoneAlarm)

Guest CentaurChester

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Hello all. Yes newbie and I just got MTA VC work (with ZoneAlarm off)

Iv searched and searched for a few hours and read anything I could find about running MTA VC behind a firewall

The server runs fine when I have off. But I'm trying get to run behind Zone Alarm pro. Yes iv checked to make sure its set as sever and have access to internet. I can connect threw it. but when friend trys to connect

it will not allow him to connect.

Now I'm sure you've been asked this before somewhere (and sorry if it been asked many time)

but.. Running newest version. port 2003 i default one

Could anybody help me out. How can I get Server to run under Zone Alarm. Yeah Why as other ppl say.. cuz it free and works ok for me. that all I need to do..



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there are other free alternatives to zonealarm, i've never got on with zonealarm myself, annoyed me to much :P theres one called kerio personal firewall which i've had no trouble with excep after 30 days if u don't register you can't use yoour pc as an internet gateway

well its free except for 3 features whcih get disabled after 30 days(can't remember what they are tho, but theres no adverts no big silly buttons, its not called norten), it also supports advanced filter rules and things like the more expensive ones

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