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Will there be team version in Mta:VC0.5 ???


do u wnat gangs  

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  1. 1. do u wnat gangs

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yeah kinda like what bobo siad like if u could make your own gang and u can onlt see the ppl in your gang . and also u have team chat and chat to all. and there will be the option what gang u wanna join like there will be 2 or 3 gangs and it sias Exaple :

Cubans(6 ppl) Hiatens(8 ppl) vercittie (5 ppl) ect

yeah that would be cool and also Capture the flag would be cool and boats

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you are talking about teamdeathmatch and i tell ya, thats my most wanted gamemode atm + having a better team recognition (colored healthtags or arrows) but i think its a bad idea to be able to choose different gangs coz it would end the same way as right now with all the careers

sure its cool to have a selection of different gangs but as soon as 2 players selected a gang the other players HAVE to choose one of these

there are so many mta gangs but still no real TDM mode :?

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