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Im sorry but this seems to good to be true.Is it for real?

Guest TCO-Acid_Burn

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hi,i just registerd here and this is really hard to believe, is this for real, if i downloaded MTA would i really be able to play a regular Vice City game exept there would be more than one person there?ive been waiting for somthing to come out like this for a year since i got GTA VC. So are their any GTA Clans?if this is for real and yall dont mind can i start one? please somone contact me on MSN messenger i have a lot of questions.

i_forgot66@hotmail.com thanx.

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Damn are gig is up....At least someone figured it out. Good Job.

We just volunteer are time to post suggest, movie videos that we made up, problems and spam just for this hoax. It was going until you came alone...

also ASE was in it to and all the servers are fake.

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dude , come on , why you doing this do the dude , I know that everyone once thouhg like "damn is mta for real ?" when you first learned about it .

This dude did the same but he made a threat asking things about it .

I contacted him . he knew it was reall but he wanted some "tips" on ingame things and he's actually preaty cool . You guys should respect that . everyone has to beggin somewrre :?

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lol, sorry i meantit in the sense that i was confused about if it was all it looked like. i talked to Dgtadude and AJH and they were very helpfull thank you. i am re-installing the game now and i hope to play and check it out soon. :D

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This dude did the same but he made a threat asking things about it .

U mean thread not threat .

Threat is : blackmail, bluff, commination, else, fix, foreboding, foreshadowing, fulmination, hazard, impendence, intimidation, menace, omen, or else, peril, portent, presage, risk, thunder, warning

It is basicly giving someone a warning or else somethign bad will happen to them.

Point is , take some more time into what you write, your message might come across completly different then what you intead it to. ( not only for you dgtadude)

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this is real, well as real as the matrix makes it rea... *brain fart* yeah, uh... its just real :roll::P

so come in, take off your coat, sit down, relax, dont feed the regulars (they are getting a bit grumpy in their geriatric stages) and enjoy, welcome =)


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