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This is what cheaters get

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Oh fuck that! If that happened to me, I'd sue the assholes for destruction of property(Breaking computer/moniter), assault(Picking me up and then throwing me down would be considered assault), possibley abduction(Picking me up and taking me somewhere).

Those shit bags would laugh then, but when I filed a fat lawsuit and won, which I would, seeing as they taped it and put it on the internet, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

Well, if they made me sign a contract that made it impossible for me to sue, you'd be damn sure that I'd take my Glock-22 and show them exactly how it feels to be on the recieving end of a headshot.

Yeah, cheating is lame, and it'd feel good to trash a cheaters computer, but it's a damn video game, not real life, don't take it so serious. Cheating takes down the fun for other people, but you don't break their damn computer/moniter because of it, you just kick them out.

But, yeah, if someone trashed my computer like that, and I couldn't sue them, they'd get a one-time lesson on why you don't do shit like that.

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Yes, it was all staged. I went to MillionManLan and asked. It was a staged hoax to make people think twice about showing up to cheat. The box had old parts in it and no one was using them. BTW, MML kicks ass. Its in June this year. You really should show up. The first one rocked, the second will too!

[i tested this and used AIMbot in CS....it drew a crowd fast, but no one broke my computer..they complained and I stopped ;) ]

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umm If it was real... I dont think the guy would have gotten up off the ground and smiled for everybody like that... only acting could be that bad.

lol, he seemed to be more happy rather than sad/terrified/confused.

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