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cheaters.... i hate them, can you at least try to stop them?

Guest Hardstuff

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i was playing a deathmatch game, i had 2 allies and there was about 4 other players, 3 just fought everyone the 3rd just cheated

he jacked me in the air 3 times, and i died

he had super speed, faster than any car

he could 'teleport' accross the map

he had weapons that would take a while to find, like the flamethrower

eg. he was a mexican (always) and he would start with a flamer

when me and my 2 allies shot at him about 10 times with a shot gun each, he had no damage, and if he was, it would heal.... but he wasnt invincable

if you knock him down in a car, he'd pass through it, if you slice him with a heli, nothing happens

his name (for that match at least) was roids, me and an aly took screen shots, but unfortunatly my computer crashed (so i restarted and posted this, but i have 1 in my paint, which shows him on the radar on top of me, but he is nowhere, not much proof, i hope the pics will be posted)

Do something.... please God do something..... first it was my connection, now its cheaters ruining my fun...... :evil::evil:

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Perhaps you could not detect the use of trainers but instead detect the symptoms of the use of trainers. For example, HardStuff states that this cheater had a super-fast car and could teleport, as well as spawning with any weapon he liked. You could incorporate a feature which detects cars which are travelling too fast and people spawning with weapons that they're not supposed to, etc.

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no, he ran super fast

i have the game log.... if you want it (you will see that everyone calls him a cheater, and describe what he does)

sorry if i sounded..... annoying, but at that time i was a bit annoyed myself

having my first real game... then it being ruined....

i played that game for 4 hours already!

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Until the swanky new core comes out which will hopefully put a better strangle hold on cheaters, the basic rule is that if you can't stand the cheaters, just find a new server. There is always at least 3 good servers at anytime, typically if one has a bunch of cheaters the other two servers will have little or none. Don't even bother bitching to the cheater, they get off on it. Just take their name down and send it off to the server admin or owner.

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the problem w/ detecting cheaters is that its hard to make the server very aware of whats going on... we dont have the time or resources to make it aware of game data, which makes coding MP even harder.

As far as just detecting max speeds, this is still difficult, as you know VC is pretty glitchy. For example, if you glitched through a wall and resulted in a teleport, it would be an unfortunate reason to get banned from a server for speedhacks / teleporting. etc...

We are looking into methods though, but the truth of the matter is, the best way to stop cheaters is to put more things server side. We are working towards this, but its difficult given the nature of the project.


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